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12 Ways to Exercise

12 Ways to Exercise

Exercising keeps you healthy, happy and active, and that’s why I decided to make a list of ways you can exercise.

1. Go walking

Walking has so many benefits!

You can grab a friend or go by yourself, but walking clears your head, makes you observe the people and things around you, and it keeps you active.

Walk at least half an hour each day and try to observe the little details in everything and just enjoy it all.

2. Go with your bike

Maybe you’re not the kind of person to go into the forest with your bike, and you are more of a chill person. In this case, just grab your bike and go around your neighborhood, around the town, in a park and just enjoy the ride. Even this counts as an exercise and it’s really amazing.

If you like the forest, then make sure to go with someone or to inspect the place first, so that you don’t get lost. Going into the forest or another place outside the city is so nice and peaceful! I definitely recommend it!

3. Go running

If you decide to go running, make sure to change once in a while the route/ place, because it will get boring at some point and it will be harder to stay motivated.

4. Dance

If you don’t want to go to dance classes, or you don’t have the money for it, then put some music and start dancing around in the house. This is so much fun! You should definitely try it!

But, if you would like to go to a dance class, I encourage you to do it, because it will become a more serious thing and you will have someone who shows you what to do.

Click here if you want to see a dance workout that you can do at home.

5. Go hiking

Hiking is more than amazing. You get to see awesome places that you can’t really get to, except by foot. It’s just so calming and fun!

This is something I really encourage you to try it, but go with a friend or some people who went hiking before, so that you don’t get lost.

6. Swim

Swimming works out all of your muscles and it’s also fun. Find a friend and go together to swim, or by yourself if you like it like this. You will probably really like it.

7. Do yoga

Search on the Internet some yoga classes or just go to one. You might actually like it, especially if you are a calm person.

8.  Join a team (Volleyball, Basketball etc. )

Joining a sports team not only keeps you active, but it’s also a great way to socialize and make new friends.

Find a sport you like, and begin searching for a team in your town to join.

9. Play Tennis

Tennis it’s such an amazing sport! Find a friend, and go together and start playing, or go take some classes to learn how to play it. You should definitely try it!

10. Try a spinning class

You can search on Google or Facebook a spinning class in your town. Go and try it and you’ll see from there if you like it. From my experience, it’s a perfect way to be healthy and to lose weight.

Here is a video that will help you out.

11. Take the stairs

It’s a simple, but practical thing to do. It’s not very much, but it’s better than taking the elevator.

12. At-home exercises

Search different exercises on Pinterest, Google etc. and try to do them. This is very simple because it doesn’t cost anything and you can adjust it according to your schedule.

Click here to find some at-home exercises.


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