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21 Reasons Why The Law Of Attraction Doesn't Work For You

21 Reasons Why The Law Of Attraction Doesn’t Work For You

Are you struggling to achieve what you want using The Law Of Attraction?

There are plenty of reasons why it is not working for you.

This time I’m going to tell you just 21 reasons.

Check out these reasons and find out if you match with them.

If you find yourself in this article, don’t worry.

This website is full of positive and awesome information about how to make it work.

Let’s start.

1. You’re negative

Leave the negative thoughts at the door.

If you’re a negative person you won’t make The Law Of Attraction work.

Change your mentality in a positive one.

2. You’re pessimistic

You start manifest exercises but your mind says: “What a fool, do you really believe it?”

Your mind says that it’s impossible.

Try to get past those limits.

3. Friends, family, entourage.

Do you often find yourself in situations of fighting with your friends, family or entourage?

Just because you have different perspectives it doesn’t mean you have to argue.

Let them believe what they want.

Stay on your path and don’t let them bring you down.

4. Money, money, money

I know you tried to manifest money.

But when you’re too obsessed with it, you won’t receive.

Try to calm down and trust the process.

Go with the flow and money will come.

5. You eat junk food

If you want to use The Law Of Attraction at its maximum potential then you need to eat clean.

It’s important to have a clear and healthy mind.

And how could you have a healthy mind if not by eating healthy?

6. You’re too lazy

You wake up hard.

Every morning is like hell to you.

Wake up in a good mood and you’ll have the best day in your life.

7. Thank you, thank you, thank you

When was the last time you said thank you?

Did you know that saying thank you for three times will amplify Law Of Attraction?

8. You forgot your magical wand at home

Did you know that you can carry a magic wand with you?

Yeah, it’s true, and I’m not crazy.

Just imagine that you have one that will make every wish come true.

Try to use it starting today.

9. Don’t have expectations

Expectations will bring you in a bad mood if you do not get what you wanted.

It’s good to have positive expectations, but if you’re not strong enough it could easily take you down.

10. Don’t have negative expectations

Okay, why on the earth would you have negative expectations? Fear, paranoia, anxiety?

Get over it. 🙂

11. Subconscious mind

Even if you have a strong conscious mind, your subconscious mind may sabotage you.

What you have to do to reprogram your subconscious mind?

Try to use positive affirmations and teach your subconscious mind what confidence is.

12. You don’t study enough

If you want to take advantage of the law of attraction then you surely need to study more.

Studying, from any point of view, it’s the best.

You get knowledge, tips, and energy that will develop your mentality.

13. You don’t invest enough

Do you want to have money but you don’t want to invest?

Do you want to be smarter but you’ve never bought a book before?

I’m sorry, but that is not going to happen.

Start to invest in yourself and everything will change in good.

14. Your awareness is too low

Trusting your intuition it’s a must.

15. Meditation?

Yes, meditation it’s a good thing to do.

It clears your mind from negative and bad thoughts.

It keeps you calm and relaxed daily.

16. Affirmations?

Yes, affirmations it’s a strong exercise to do.

Learn more about it if you click right here.

If you’ve tried it before and it didn’t work, the article above is your answer.

17. Visualizations?

Yes, visualizations is that exercise that will help you to manifest.

All that you have to do is take a minute, breathe, imagine and feel what you want.

It’s not easy, but for most of the people, visualizations are not working because they do not entirely believe.

18.  Take action

You don’t take action.

Waiting for things to happen won’t make them true.

19. Last thought

Your last thought before you sleep it’s very important.

Be sure that is a positive thought because negative thoughts will lead to a bad mood when you wake up.

20. Reading is for stupids

No, it’s not. Reading is not making you stupid.

Reading is making you the most awesome person in the whole world.

21. Did you ever pray?

Praying to God, Universe, Higher Self or how do you want to call it it’s very important.

You’re not lonely. You can always talk to it and you can ask for guidance.

Give it a try right now. Pray and let your soul speak.

Be thankful for what you have and ask for what you need.

And one of the most important things about the law of attraction:

Believe that you already received.

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