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5 Benefits of Being Independent -time with yourself

5 Benefits of Being Independent -time with yourself

For some people these days the idea of being independent is foolishness. We are taught from childhood that we are dependent on our parents. When we are teens that we depend on our squad. Even when we are adults they say to us that is risky to be on your own.

Is this a sign of weakness or power? Maybe you’ll find the answer today. Now let’s see the benefits of being independent.

1. The obvious: not be dependent on anyone but yourself

It’s normal when you are a child to be dependent on your parents. Also once you become an adult it’s normal to be able to feel comfortable doing things alone. In that time when you are independent you grow a lot.

2. You can try a lot of your crazy ideas

When being in a team you need to put your ideas together and vote to try the best ones. Obvious when you are alone you can try all your ideas without asking someone if they agree with it.

3. Not being Scared to do things by yourself

Not all the time you’ll have someone with you. So you should get used to do things by yourself and enjoy it. How you need that time with a group so you need a time alone with you.

4. Gain perspective on your life.

Sometimes you don’t notice certain things when you’re with a big group, but once in a while, go through your life like a movie: sit on a bench in a park and listen to the music in your head. Relax and take everything in. Be comfortable with the silence. It’s good to just be by yourself sometimes and just think.

5. You are the boss

In the moment you are your own boss you find how hard is many times to be a leader. Now you need to motivate yourself to do things. At first is difficult but by the time, it’s easy peasy. You can do your own program and establish your tasks.

Hope you find the answer and you’ll enjoy the time with yourself!

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