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5 Ways to Spend Money Wisely

5 Ways to Spend Money Wisely

We work day by day to earn money. Sometimes we feel like we earn money so hard and they go so fast.

If you too have some bad habits to spend money fast on things you don’t really need, here are some ways to spend money wisely.


1. Create a budget


•Keep a notebook where you write everything you buy in that month or save your receipts.

•Track your spending and income to get an accurate picture of your financial situation.

•Review your bills each month and add those expenses to your budget.

Organize your purchases by category and see in which one you spend a lot of money.

Categories with the highest monthly amounts (or monthly amounts you consider surprisingly high) may be good targets for saving money.



2. Plan your purchases in advance


Write down in a notebook what you need to buy. It’s important to do this when you are home and you are calm.

If you are motivated to treat each purchase as an important decision, you will make better decisions.



3. Avoid to buy what you don’t need


That’s why is good to plan your purchases. Buying something by impulse isn’t really good.

You’ll end up with a lot of stuff you don’t need and no more money.

Next time you go shopping think twice if you really need and want to buy something.



4. Pay in cash


Credit and debit cards increase spending for two reasons: you have much more money available to spend than you normally would, and because no visible money is changing hands, it doesn’t register as a “real” purchase.

Don’t bring more money with you than you need. If you don’t have extra money, you can’t spend it.



5. Wait for Sales


If you know you’ll need a particular item but don’t need it today, wait until it ends up in the bargain bin. In this way you’ll buy what you want and remain with money too.

But buy that thing only if you really need it.

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