About Us

EvoSociety was founded in 5 December 2016. Our main goal is to spread positivity and faith in the whole world. Why are we doing this? Because we love to help people, because we, as a team, went through hell and came back more powerful. You don’t have to do the same mistakes. Learn and change the world! 🙂

Founder & CEO

Hello, my name is Daniel Birtas. I started EvoSociety with my girlfriend, Karina Veber and with the help of my friend Coza Andrei. My idea when I first begun was to write and share only 99% positive lessons. I am sick of all the negativity in this world, why wouldn’t you be happy and spread love? My personal main goal is to see the EvoSociety as first company that literally changes people’s life, making them prosperous, happy and healthy.

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Manager / PR

Hi, my name is Karina Veber, I’m a photographer, empathic and a lovely person. I’m currently studying Communication and PR at FSPAC University. I love to travel & laugh a lot.

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Social Media Specialist

Hi, my name is Pop Bogdan and I’m in love with everything that is electronic. My main goal is to graduate and become an engineer.

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Social Media Specialist

Heei! I’m Adda, I have 19 years old and I study economy science at Northern University. I love to read books about the law of attraction and spirituality. I’m passionate to do cosplays, write stories, and my hobbies are drawing and photography.

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 Instagram Marketing Specialist

Hello! My name is Lemian Diana and I’m 17 years old. At the moment I’m a highschool student and I am trying to figure out my ideal future job. I can say that I am an ambitious person and I like spending my time doing what I love like drawing or outdoor activities.

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