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Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate Marketing Programs Explained

Making money online is easy with the right ‘know how’, I’m going to share with you the best types of affiliate marketing programs.

I have been doing affiliate marketing for around 2 years now, for all of you who don’t know what it is or have heard of it before but never jumped in.

It is a simple as getting somebody to click a link that you are provided, which tracks the sale back to you if the customer buys or signs up.

For example, if you were into fitness, you could attract people to your page by posting relevant content and have links to fitness products or supplements, when people click if they like the product and trust you enough, they will by from you.

You can earn this trust by becoming an expert in your field or building a large audience.

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In this article, I’m going to explain three different types of affiliate marketing programs.

CPL, High Ticket & Monthly Residual

I’m going to explain the differences and how the difficulties of each can be over-come. Most Internet Marketers have the frustration of not profiting from their leads.

The easiest way to make small, but consistent commissions is to Join CPA Programs.

CPL = Cost Per Lead

Companies and Solo Entrepreneurs are paying A CPL (cost per lead). These typically range from $1-$10.

A Lead is a free sign up, somebody that has opted in and said ‘I want to know more’

CPL programs will pay you per lead and usually % on sales made. This usually falls under the CPA category as a cost per action.


40% opt ins or higher on most free sign up offers

Almost Guaranteed to make money from your leads/clicks

If the lead doesnt buy, which as we know not everybody does, at least you will get paid for them signing up for free.

Generous commissions on upsells throughout funnels.

No need for authority or trust, you can easily get sign ups from almost any kind of traffic.


Not all offer commission on upsells though this is rare

Earn up to $5 per free sign up & %60 on upsells (digital opportunity)

moneybag al cheeseman affiliate marketing programs

High ticket, network programs

You can earn serious amounts of money on High ticket networks. A lot of them are offering up to %75 commission on their products,

these can reach as high as 5k.

The pro’s:

Instant Payouts

High Quality Information

Insider Tools and Secrets

Support from other in the network

Closing Coaches and Mentors

The Con’s:

It can be difficult to get people in on high levels

It can take a while to master high ticket sales

You need a good authority or trust

Join me at this high ticket offer 

Now for my favourite…. Monthly commissions!

These are the best for receiving a nice big lump sum every single month. Not only are you making a sale up front, you are also going to be paid every month they stay in the service.

Instead of saying your customer has made you $20 commission, they have now potentially made you $240 if they stay all year.

There is an even more powerful factor of most monthly commission programs. This is that you can earn downline on your customers referals to the service.

This is where it gets really deep because you no longer have to sign anybody up, you receive commission on everybody your referals sign up.

I’m sure you are probably really excited at this point, before I go I am going to share with you the program I am making a lot of money with monthly commissions, plus money on my referals sign ups!


affiliate marketing program leadfriend instagram

There are many of ways out there of marketing using the Internet, my personal favourite is social media,I’vee been using it for quite some time now to produce

free targeted leads and customers. The trick is to get most of it done for you, automating your business is extremely important. You literally cannot do everything yourself nor all at once! LeadFriend

gets me free traffic all day by automating my Instagram accounts, ultimately allowing me to receive constant Bio clicks and free sign ups all day long.

Im going to give you my E-book for free, you can grab it right here!

Al cheeseman marketing instagram growth guide affiliate marketing program

Written by Al Cheeseman

Automated Biz & Lead Generation Mentor

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