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Being Afraid of Talking in Public

Being Afraid of Talking in Public

I was always a shy person, I’m an introvert. This thing haunted me many times. I start thinking that I won’t be able to talk in public or anything that includes socializing. Now, after a few years I’m going pretty well with talking in public so I want to share with you my “secrets”. So let’s start.

1. Being confident


It matters so much to have a good opinion about yourself, that’s where everything starts. If you aren’t sure on your abilities and you don’t see yourself in a good way, how can you wait from others to see you in a good way?



2. Don’t care too much about people’s opinion


People have different opinions and some of them won’t encourage you. Accept everything helps you but if some people laugh at you, just ignore them. They are just jealous. Talking in public means that you assume that others have other opinion than yours and still talk about it.



3. Start socializing even if that’s not in your comfort zone


As I said, I wasn’t a sociable person but now I am. How can you made it too? You have to get over your comfort zone because you can’t find success there and start socializing. It’s so simple to say, I know. But it will be simple in real life too with exercising.



4. Exercise in front of a mirror


Maybe this sounds really stupid but it helps. When you talk to yourself in the mirror you see all your good points and bad points as well. Exercising in front of a mirror also helps you to work at your non verbal talking and to your diction, which is also important.



5. Know your abilities and defects


When you know your abilities you can work with them and use them. So you really must know which your best points are to use them when you’re talking in public. As of defects, you have just to correct them in time and try to control them.

6. Know that everyone is imperfect and can fail sometimes


When you know that you don’t have to be perfect to do well, you’ll be more relaxed when you talk in public.



I really hope that these things will help you talk in public. Good luck!

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