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How to Attract Money with Affirmations

How to Attract Money with Affirmations

You surely have some friends that you think they are so lucky because they attract money daily on a continuous basis or they keep winning money from anything they do.

Have you ever asked why they attract so much money in their lives? I’ve asked myself these questions for a long time, and I finally got a concrete answer.

It’s all about their mentality

Even if they do it unconsciously or consciously, they have some mental patterns that allow them to attract money in their lives.

Like I said, I studied these patterns and I found something awesome.

Those who win every day keep telling their mind that they are going to make money and win. Those who win every day believe, say out loud and feel those affirmations.

They don’t doubt about it

They trust the process. They ask God or Universe for what they need, believe and go through the day with a prosperous mentality.

I’ve searched for how to change your mentality into a prosperous one and I found this:

After I listened to it, the very next day I got some money on my bank account from a company where I worked some months ago. Even if they fired me a long time ago, they still paid me for NOTHING. Actually, God and Universe paid me for BELIEVING the process.

I started to be Happy & Grateful for every little thing in my life, including my money (even if I had almost nothing) and received more than I can imagine! 🙂

Listen to this and comment below your result!

Have an awesome day with abundance and prosperity in your life! God bless you!

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