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Back to School Essentials You Need to Have

Back to School Essentials You Need to Have

Soo…school starts again… I know, it’s not the most exciting thing in the world, but we have to go to school.

So, I prepared a list of school essentials you need for this new school year.

1. Backpack

Obviously, you need something to put your books and notebooks in. I really recommend a backpack instead of a handbag, because if you have a lot of books, it will be easier to carry them, and a backpack is more spacious than a handbag.

2. Notebooks

If you did’t know, you need notebooks.

I know we all love the notebooks that look really cool and fancy, but they are more expensive.

So, you can buy cheaper ones and then DIY them if you want to save some money, or you can buy a general notebook, in which you have notes from different classes by category. These kind of notebooks are usually like a portfolio.

3. Pencils & Pencil Case

These are definitely essentials, because without pens, you have nothing to write with, of course; without a pencil case, you don’t have where to store your pens, except if you throw them away in your backpack.

4. Scissors

You never know when you’ll need your scissors. you might need them to cut someone open, or just to cut your paper for a project.

Regardless, scissors are pretty important.

5. Post-It Notes

When studying, these can be really helpful and also you can use them to write something you don’t want to forget and then stick them where you can see them.


6. Wallet

Your wallet is very important, because you have your money there, your ID, and so on.

7. Headphones


If you go to school on foot, or by bus or anything, you’ll probably want to bring your headphones.

You can also use them on break if you’re not in the mood to talk to anyone.

8. A Planner

A planner helps you a lot to stay organized and not to forget things, so try using one.

9. Emergency Kit

For girls, this is very important. Don’t forget to pack one and always have with you.

10. A Book

Again, if you need a break from the world at school, you can just read a book.


I hope this list helped you and I hope you have a great school year!

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