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How To Build An Online Business

How To Build An Online Business

The basics on how to build an online business.

The system is pretty simple, marketing has been like this for years, follow these simple steps and you will be ready to build an online business.

You are trying to understand the needs of your customers and solving their problems by offering them a product or service that makes their hobby/interest better or easier.

Social Media or any traffic source > visitors to capture page > subscriber sign up > offer product > email followups > repeat

The idea is getting people to your page of interest, you are then converting them into a subscriber, to do this you can make landing pages linked up to your email list and autoresponder.

Once the visitor subscribes you can send them what they signed up for and a paid offer. If the person does not but then you still have their email address to send them further news/products from your business.

How do you make money from followers/subscribers?

What a lot of people who are new to Internet marketing don’t understand, is that you can get paid for selling someone else’s digital product or service and typically receive at least 50% of the sale.

Now you can start to see the bigger picture, yes people are making a lot of money and anybody can do it, all you need is an interest and drive traffic to that page.

There are many products out there and services dying to sell, they are willing to offer you up to 100% of the profit, the reason they can do this is that these products are digital there is no inventory cost. In other words, you can have unlimited amounts of that product or service.

So where can I get all of these things to build an online business?

First off, you need to decide what you are interested in, you need to be interested in the product/service you are selling, otherwise, you will get bored and frustrated and make less money.

Secondly, you need a mailing list and capture page, you can get this service free for 30 days!

#1 Mailing List Provider

building your own online business

You can make sophisticated Autoresponders to suit the needs of your subscribers, they will be sent daily emails about the product or service you are selling.

Thirdly you need to make a decent capture page, here is an example of a high converting, visitor to subscriber capture page:

building your own online business

You can get 2 weeks free with this drag and drop landing page builder.

Last but not least,

Where are you going to get products to promote?

There are many platforms out there for selling digital products online, also there are dozens of companies offering some sort of subscription for a service that people will use if they are interested in the niche you are in.

My personal favourite is JVZOO

building your own online business

The platform has thousands of products from all different niches to choose from, if it isn’t the greatest one for selling digital products and services on then it’s up there with the best of them.

building your online business

This is what your account will look like if you follow the best affiliate marketing program out there.

It’s hard to find a reliable course to follow as a newbie, but if you are looking to get started quickly with basic training then you need to go for this online affiliate marketing course.

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build an online business

Affiliate Programs To Be On

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