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Good and Bad things about Social Media

Good and Bad things about Social Media

Few days ago I realized how much time I used to give to my social media accounts. Yea, I’m a blogger so is kinda impossible for me to don’t use social media or the internet.

Anyway, social media is a good thing when it’s well used.

What I want to say it’s that you must use your time on the internet wisely. Platforms like Facebook or Instagram were supposed to be addictive but we should try to don’t use them to much.

5 Good things about Social Media

1. Increasing popularity of social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

As a blogger or video blogger you have more chances to become famous through and on  Social Media.


2.Lots of sources of information

When your grandparents/parents where your age, they had to search in books for the information they needed. Now you can search on google and there the magic happens.

3.It’s a Fast Way to Distribute Content

If you want to share your thoughts, your experience or other things with others, now you can. You just must have a smart phone with internet and you can share anything you want with others.


4.It Can Alert Large Numbers of People Quickly

If something happens you will be alerted very fast through Social media.

5.An easy way to make money

If you’re a lazy person and you love staying all day on Social Media but you need money, Social Media learns you how to earn money.

5 Bad things about Social Media

1.It makes you lose your time, concentration and energy

A pause from social media will make you more concentrated, will give your mind a refresh and many ideas will come because you’ll have time to meditate.

 2.Decreased Productivity

To be productive and use social media too, you need to plan your time, set goals for the day and try to not stay too much on the internet.

3.  It messes with your ability to think independently

One study from HP Labs found that people were more open to peer pressure within social networks. Subjects were more likely to change their minds about “liking” certain things (one cute baby over another, for instance) if enough time had passed and they could see that the other side was even moderately popular.

4.  It hurts your self-esteem

Social Media promotes the perfect life, the perfect body etc. When you see that you’re not in that circle of perfection you start feeling bad.

5. A False Sense of Connection

Following people you don’t know in real life like celebrities gives you the feeling that you actually know them as know as a false sense of connection.

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