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How I Met My Girlfriend !?

How I Met My Girlfriend !?

Many people think that you can use Law Of Attraction to attract only money or physical things. That’s totally false. You can attract persons, a state of being or anything you want.

I’ll tell you how I used unconsciously Law Of Attraction to attract the girl of my dreams.

As Law Of Attraction says, if you want to attract something in your life you have to visualise it, think about it and believe that you already received it.

I did it unconsciously

Every night before I went to sleep, in my little depressive states, I thought about the perfect girl, how she looks, what she does and how she supports me in everything I do. That thought made me feel warm and good.

The mind can’t separate reality from imagination. So if you imagine and feel that you have 1.000.000$ or actually have it, you would feel the same.

I felt how it is to have a perfect girlfriend until

I actually had it! I thought about it every day and night until the universe align everything so I could meet her. How did we meet?

I sustained a concert that was organised by a volunteer organisation where she activated. She took some pictures at that concert. The very next day a friend of mine told me to ask her for the pictures. I didn’t meet her before and I didn’t know who she was but I asked her to send me the photos through Facebook. (God Bless Facebook) =)

She told me something weird. She couldn’t believe it. She dreamed of me one night before. A dream where I got down on the stage and kissed her. How could this be real? We didn’t even see each other before.

After that, we were both amazed at what happened and we had so much in common, so we decided to meet.

It was Love at first sight.

Law Of Attraction works incredibly

You have to trust the process and you can attract anything in your life. In my case, I am happy and grateful for everything I attracted including Karina, my lovely girlfriend! <3

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