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How To Accomplish Your Goals

How To Accomplish Your Goals

A lot of people have Goals that they want to accomplish this each year.There is only one problem. So many of their approach to reaching their goals is not organized. Many of them don’t understand that to accomplish a goal you must have some organized steps in order to reach it. Below are the steps you will need to accomplish your goals.


Step 1 – Write Down Your Main Goal

First of you need to know what your overall goal is supposed to be. Maybe it’s losing a certain amount of weight, saving an amount of money, reading an amount of books etc.


Step 2 – Write Down When You Want To Reach That Goal

Now that you have accomplished what your over goal is, you need to put a set time you would like to reach that goal by. This allows you to focus more on the goal. You are now challenging yourself to a bet, on when you will accomplish this goal by.


Step 3 – Write Down The Things That You Need To Do To Reach That Goal

Now that you know when you would like to accomplish this goal by. You must break it down into subgoals. What things will you have to do and accomplish in order to you to reach your overall goal?

Step 4 – Make A Commitment To Accomplishing That Goal (Goal Card)

Now that you have your, goal, time, and subgoals. You must make a commitment to yourself. Create your personal Goal Card

I (Your Name) Commit to (What Your Goal Is) by (Set Time)


My Example of Using These Steps


When writing this article, I had followed the same steps above given. For when I originally wrote this article.


Step 1 – Write an Article on How to Accomplish New Year Resolutions/Goals

Step 2 – I want to finish writing this article by January 7th, 2016 at 12:00 pm

Step 3 – In order to reach/finish my goal. I need to wake up at 4:00 am. Focus and don’t get distracted by external things.

Step 4 – I Jemond Patterson commit to finishing writing an article on accomplishing New Year Goals by January 12, 2016, at 12:00 pm

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