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Law Of Attraction and 100 Magic Steps

Law Of Attraction and 100 Magic Steps

Have you ever heard about 100 magic steps exercise and how you can use it to amplify the law of attraction?

Gratitude and happiness are the best tools that you can use to amplify law of attraction. Being grateful for everything will automatically attract your desires.

Be Happy and Grateful

Maybe you’re asking how or what could you do to be happy and grateful. There are some simple exercises that can help you.

Today I’ll be talking about the 100 Magic Steps exercises that will help you to be happy and grateful.

After you do this exercise, you will see that everything is better and you’ll be more satisfied with your life.

Make these Magic Steps

Every day, when you wake up, when you go to work when you’re walking to school or everything else, do this exercise that will propel you to the highest level of success.

With every step, say a meaningful: “Thank You!”. You don’t have to say thank you for exactly 100 times. Don’t count your steps. We took 100 steps as a reference.

You will see that with every step you say those sincerely “Thank You!” your day is going to be more productive, funny, lovely and awesome!

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  • RAJAN VARUGHESE 8 months ago Reply

    Dear Mr. Daniel Birtas,

    Very Nice Article. From today I will say Thank you for everything I do. Let me see the results.

    Rajan Varughese

    Daniel Birtaș 8 months ago Reply

    There you go! 😉

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