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Learn How to Encourage Your Team

Learn How to Encourage Your Team

Many humans think that by saying to those around them what they have done wrong, they will change their method and they will be better at what they do. Why do we think that something negative will bring something positive?

Yes, sometimes is good to see what you have made wrong in order to know what you should do the next time. Sadly is that many times we put negative things above positives ones.

So how you can you make your team be more productive and how to encourage them?


1.Try to see good things before bad ones

When someone has done good things, encourage him/her and make him/her feel appreciated.


2.Bring positive vibes

It’s so important to be a person who brings positive vibes in a team. When you are a positive person you make those around you feel the same. If you are a negativist don’t expect for your team to be very positive or to be productive.


3.Have a friendly relationship with everyone

If you want your team to work and not to feel bored, if  you want them to feel relaxed when they work with you, you must be friendly with everyone. If you’re a leader of which your team is afraid of this is not a really good thing. You must be part of the team even if you are “the leader” and make those around you feel comfortable with you.


4.Don’t be a narcissist

If you’re a leader you must take care of your team. You must learn them new things and understand them when is hard for them to catch some things.


Compliment people. Magnify their strengths, not their weaknesses.


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