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A Major Principle To Being A Leader

A Major Principle To Being A Leader

A major principle that needs to be understood for any who is pursuing to be a leader to is the importance of having “Emotional Intelligence ”

Two Types Of Emotional Intelligence

1. Emotional Intelligence towards Self

As a leader it’s important to have self-awareness and control over your thoughts and most importantly your emotions.

You are leading people, you are who people look up to.

If you allow yourself to become emotionally unstable it may cause you to make an unwise decisions.

The ability to keep cool in different cicircumstances is something many great leaders understood.

Even if something did impact there emotions they are able to maintain a sort of balance within themselves.

2. Emotional Intelligence towards Others

Self-awareness is not something everyone has.

The majority of society operate on feelings and emotions.

When leading people a leader must always be able to see things from their perspective and the individuals prespective.

Many people often just want to be understood.

They are not looking for constructive criticism.

They just want to be listened to.

Awareness of others emotional state allows you to work with, build trust, strengthen your credibility because they see that you are a leader who cares

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