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What You Need to Know If You Are Travelling by Plane

What You Need to Know If You Are Travelling by Plane

You might travel with an airplane for the first time, or maybe you had before, but you can’t remember certain things. Well, today I decided to make a list of things you need to know at the airport and travelling with an airplane.

1. Extra luggage is being charged

If your luggage is too big and crosses the sizes allowed or if you have an extra luggage that is bigger, you will have to pay extra money for it. If your bag is within the limits allowed, it’s free.

Check out the sizes allowed on the site of the airplane company you’re travelling with.

2. Water and food

Before the check-in, make sure you drink all of your water and eat your food, because they will throw it away if you don’t. You are not allowed with water or food during the check-in. If you want, you can buy water and food when you are in duty-free zone.

3. Liquids and quantities 

Before you go to check-in, make sure to buy a zip-lock bag to put all of your liquids in, because you will have to take out all of your liquids (perfume, cream, gel, paste etc.).

Make sure your liquids have a maximum of 100 ml.

For more details, check out the site of the company you are travelling with.

4. On the plane

On the plane, there will be food and drinks to buy, so don’t worry.

If you have a long flight, I recommend you to bring a book or something to do.

5. If you accompany a minor 

Make sure you have the empowerment from the legal guardian printed and the criminal record printed, otherwise you and the minor can’t get into the plane (if you go to another country).

You can accompany a minor if you are 18+.


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