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New Teen Talent From UNTOLD Festival 2017

New Teen Talent From UNTOLD Festival 2017

I guess isn’t just me who is bombed these days, not only on social media but everywhere around us as well, with way too many stories and moments from this big and memorable Romanian festival, UNTOLD, that have just ended. I don’t know about you, but I still feel that amazing and unique vibe in each picture, each story or statement.

Oh well, in this article I don’t want you to read just some common stuff about this experience, but I do encourage you to try it if you didn’t already. It’s worth it.

And now let’s focus on something that is happening, as I like to say it, “behind the scenes”. The whole experience, every good vibe and all the memories we have created in the end are owed to some devoted people. So, let me introduce you to one talented guy, who we had the pleasure to listen and enjoy his music during the Untold time.

Sooo, let’s meet Vlad Luca (a.k.a. Noise Lab), a young artist from electronic music field, who recently played at Untold Festival and he was even classified as one of the finalists for EC. He also played with many international artists like Emalkay, Teddy Killerz, Eptic. As we discovered in our little chat, even though he is at the beginning of the road, he is really active on stages and he already played with many Romanians and foreign artists. That’s why we are interested to hear his adventures and find out some “behind the scenes” insights, and how he can create such a good atmosphere and vibes.

1. Before talking about your last achievements, we would like to hear the beginning of it. How it all started for you?

  • It all started randomly. My dad asked me to install a certain program on the family PC to put music on some CDs for the car. That was around 2005 and I was 9 years old. I installed the program but with it came another 5 programs because I forgot to uncheck some options. Out of curiosity, I went on each of them to see what they could do and I discovered Cool Edit Pro, the older version of Adobe Audition. I was fascinated by it because I could make simple mixes with Linkin Park songs coming one after the other or even overlap them. At that time I was a really big Linkin Park fan.

2. Was there a specific moment when you made the decision to become a DJ?

  • At 15, I was putting music at my friends’ house parties but my first organized event was more like an after party for a theatre festival in Bacau where people wanted to meet and socialize. They felt the vibe and a club manager who was there offered me a position as a resident DJ in a local club. My eyes were opened then and I started dreaming of something I never thought I’d be.

3. People know you as Noise Lab, I am wondering, is there any story behind this name? Or how did you choose it?

  • Apparently, there’s not much philosophy in choosing a name. It’s just a small irony about the fact that the older generation thinks of electronic music as a noise and the main instrument used is an USB. that’s totally wrong because as a music producer you have to be aware of so many instruments and to be a lot more musically cultured than someone who focuses mainly on one or two instruments.

4. Can you describe the evolution you`ve been having during this time?

  • My path was and still is pretty clear. I went from being a house party DJ to being a resident in The Stage (Bacau) for 3 years to being a resident in Underground the Pub (Iasi) for the last 2 years after moving to the city for university. Aside from Underground, I put music at different Romanian music festivals. Hopefully, I’ll soon have offers from abroad.

5. And I suppose there were both, professional and personal evolution, how you succeeded to combine them?

  • My personal and professional evolution always go hand in hand. With time I learned to control my anger, to have patience, how to behave in certain situations. Not only do these things apply in my career, but they apply in my everyday life as well. I have to say that my profession helped me mature a lot faster than other people my age. It’s both an advantage and a disadvantage.

6. Was there any moment you thought on giving up?

  • Yeah, there’s been a few times when I wanted to delete the music I’ve saved and all those years worth of hard work. It sucks when you meet club owners, party promoters or festival managers who aren’t reliable and refuse to pay you with the excuse that you’ll have exposure and people will see you even though you do your job. That to me is mockery considering the fact that you not only work while you’re up on the stage, but as a DJ/music producer you spend hours trying to keep up with new music and evolve as an artist. Unfortunately, some people just can’t see that. It’s not easy being a DJ and it’s not for everyone. If you don’t have nerves of steel and self-control, you can’t make it.

7. And now, what were 3 things that made you continue to invest and grow in this passion?

  • For myself – I actually breathe music. I’ve collected a few TB of music over the last 8 years. Sometimes I dream of putting music and it’s all so real, from what I do on stage to the music I’m playing. Even though I study visual arts, music is my plan A;


  • For the public – every person dreams of going to a few parties where their favourite music is playing. In Moldova, for example, there are only a few DJs (myself included) that revolve around this genre, the rest only reach out for the overplayed commercial music. I don’t have anything against them or the genre but the public is fed up since they’re all the same and lack originality;


  • For those smiles from the crowd.

8. How do you feel when you are on stage and mostly all the atmosphere is controlled by you?

  • It’s a very pleasant feeling when you see people having fun thanks to you. I’d lie if I said that I didn’t like the control I have over them through the music that I enjoy.

9. How would you describe the last two festivals experiences? Were you imagining yourself playing there and having those experiences in such a short time?

  • For sure the best experience was Untold 2017. I put music at a smaller silent disco stage and every single one of those 150 people were listening to me even though they could choose from 3 DJs. Honestly speaking, when I started this DJ profession I never thought I’d end up on stages this big. Now I aspire for more.

10. And now, where you see yourself in 5 years?

  • In 5 years I hope I’ll release my debut album, put music on bigger stages and collaborate with my favourite artists.

11. Some last words…like what do you wish to deliver for those people who are listening to your music?

  • I’d like to thank everybody that listens to my music, that comes to parties and smile because they like the music. I wouldn’t be here without them. A small surprise: in the near future I’ll be releasing some songs with a bunch of foreign record labels (UK, PT, USA). And don’t forget, be on the lookout for what’s new.


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