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Positive Affirmations for Money, Health and Happiness

Positive Affirmations for Money, Health and Happiness

Positive affirmations are the best tool that you can use if you want to receive more money, health and happiness. In this article, I’m going to show you what affirmations I used and how I said them in order to get what I want.

Affirmations are simply thoughts that you are telling your mind or say out loud that helps you to accomplish your objectives.

Wherever you are, say out loud: “Today is a good day!”. Congratulations, you said a positive affirmation!

I’m going to show you the affirmations I use for money, health and happiness. Write them on a piece of paper and read them every morning and every night.

After every sentence say thank you for three times. Saying thank you for three times will release the magic in the universe and amplify every wish. Feel those affirmations and trust them. Believe in yourself and your thoughts.

1. Affirmations for Money

  • I am a money magnet
  • I love money
  • I live in prosperity
  • I am happy and grateful for money
  • I am a successful person

2. Affirmations for Health

  • I am healthy
  • Every cell is filled with light
  • I am strong
  • I have an enormous amount of energy
  • Thank you for food, water and life

3. Affirmations for Happiness

  • I am happy
  • I enjoy life
  • I am positive and optimistic
  • I love every single person
  • I am grateful for the love I receive

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