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Social Media Leads

Social Media Leads

Social Media is hands down the best way to generate:


I have been generating leads for a long time if I can give you one piece of advice it would be to use it. I’m not talking about just posting and engaging all day, I’m talking about utilizing the power of social media through automation.

I think you can see where this is going, yes that’s right you can automate your social media profile to generate free traffic, all day long! To make this easy for you, I’m going to tell you which programs you need to generate 20+ free leads a day from social media.

These are leads that have signed up to you, in terms of followers and likes I’m talking hundreds each day.


Facebook is an awesome platform you can really engage with your customers on. With 1.9b monthly users, it is great for maximum engagement, you can leverage its power to reach millions of potential customers online.

To save yourself time and effort, you can use these tools to generate leads all day long.

#1 Fancontact

#2 Socichief

#3 Bleupage Pro


Instagram is another powerful social media network which you can use to generate free traffic and leads from. Its algorithm works in a different way to Facebook, it is the best network to display your posts on and collect subscribers all day and get them to click your bio link which will take them to your website or targeted URL

You can obviously save a ton of time using growth automation and post schedulers to leverage maximum engagement and growth enabling you to get leads on autopilot.

The best performing, safest tool to use:

#1 LeadFriend

Performing manual actions and engaging with your warmest of leads, this is the master tool right here! Also, please enjoy my free Best Instagram Strategies of 2017 E-book!

social media leads al cheeseman



Pinterest is great for buyer traffic, most people who are on Pinterest are interested in buying, they are passionate about what they are into. Automating this social media platform will enable you to enjoy buyer traffic, on autopilot!

#1 Pinterest Traffic Tool


Most people say that twitter is dying out, this is a lie twitter is still living and you can profit from the traffic it provides. Using the right strategies you can rake in a ton of traffic!

#1 Twitter Growth Tool

#2 Twitter Scheduler

Using these tools and guides, I can guarantee you at least 20+ fresh leads a day for each platform.

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