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How to use Law of Attraction and Get What You Want!

How to use Law of Attraction and Get What You Want!

So many people think that Universe just works independently from anyhting and anyone. This is so false. Everything you think and feel will happen. I can tell you so many personal experiences where Law of Attraction worked in my life.

For example, when I want to find a parking spot I always think about it, visualize it and tell my mind that there is a free parking spot. Believe me or not, 95% of time I can park my car even though it is crowded

1. Be grateful for everything

In order for Law of Attraction to work you need to be thankful for everything and everyone. Be happy and grateful because you can read this. Tell all your friends how grateful and happy you are because they are your friends and they support you daily.

You can write down daily one or more things you are grateful and happy for.

Even if you are in a bad situation or you have financial problems, think about what’s good in life. If you don’t do that, then you will block your chances to get everything done right and in a positive way.

2. Plan and trust

Think about something you want. Let’s say you want to be Happy. 🙂 Ok, now, your intention it’s to be Happy, right? Now think about what’s beautiful in being Happy. Think about how it would be to be happy and feel it right now. Yes, feel it right now how it is to be happy.

You want money? Think how would you feel if you had 1.000.000$ in your bank account right now. You feel great, right? Now hold that feeling and trust the universe that it will make it happen. Ask your higher self or God how and what you need to do so you can make your wish reality.

Everyday you will get strange coincidences or synchronicities. Trust them, trust your intuition and follow it.

3. Carry a magical stone

What is a magical stone? It’s a simple stone you choose and you tell it everynight what are you grateful and happy for that day.

Gather the stone in your hand. It’s a good time to feel and see what you appreciated that day and you need to pick your favorite moment that day. Release the stone and feel good. When you vibrate positive energy everything you want will happen.

A small summary:

  • Write at least 1 thing you are grateful and happy for
  • Trust your intuition and synchronicities
  • Get a magical stone and talk with it 😀


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