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My weight lose journey (and how I lost 22 lbs in 2 months)

My weight lose journey (and how I lost 22 lbs in 2 months)

Take yourself some popcorn- vegan popcorn and let the story time “vegin” (as Regan The Vegan said once).  I will continue to share with you my experiences of weight loss and I will give you some tips about the things I’ve discovered over time.

Hungry, depressed and nearly dead


One year and a half ago,

I was so depressed that I was just sitting in the house- 90% of the time in my room, alone. I was so sad that I could not breathe sometimes. And everytime I was looking in the mirror I realized how ugly and fat I am.

The 3 Week Diet

You have a photo with me in the right of this text. Clarity is not very good, but it’s just a landmark for you to see how fat I was.

Until one day when I noticed that no diet or workout plan was successful for me. I felt like I would never succeed, when a friend of mine told me about her weight loss journey and she introduced me into the concept of being vegan.

Eat more and lose weight

After 15 days of being vegan, I started to feel…ALIVE. I had more energy than ever and I lost 3 kg! I was the happiest one, my dream finally started to become a reality. P.S. You can eat lots of sweets. 🙂

What to eat to lose weight fast?

Honestly, to be a vegan is the best thing in the world what it comes to lifestyle. I ate as much as I wanted and I was not worried about calories.  Damn, girls and boys, you can do it also.

It’s not easy, it was not meant to be.

Sometimes it’s hella hard and requires a lot of work and time, but beautiful, you have enough time and motivation to DO IT NOW.

You can also take a look at that amazing and very helpful video.

How much I have to eat to lose weight?

You, gorgeous girl and handsome boy, can eat as much as you like. But there’s still a limit (it doesn’t really matter when you’re vegan, but I have to tell you abo

ut that “rule”).

A calculator of calories can definitely help you! Even if you are a short of tall girl or boy and regardless of the weight you have, you must know how many calories you need to eat per day in order to lose, maintain or gain weight. That’s so important because without doing that- you’ll never know when you need to stop eating.

There’s a calculator of calories, take a look.

What exercises I need to do to lose weight?

Your body is a temple (at least, it should be), so please, treat it with respect. For your own health and mood, do physical exercise for at least 45 minutes.

It doesn’t really matter whether you are doing yoga, cardio, gym or anything else- all that matters is that you’re moving- so, you BURN that annoying fat.

Click Here if you want to Burn Fat NOW!

For me the gym+cardio exercises worked perfectly, but we are all different and that’s awesome.

To the end, if you were curious, that’s me after the two months.


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