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Why Reading Is So Extraordinary

Why Reading Is So Extraordinary

Reading is one of the most amazing things you can spend your day doing. Why? Because it gives room to your imagination to flow and develop. Reading allows you to visit places and worlds that you probably never saw. Reading makes you feel. It makes you go and do stuff without even moving.

Reading has a lot of benefits:

  • mental stimulation;
  • vocabulary expansion;
  • stress reduction;
  • improved focus and concentration;
  • knowledge;
  • memory improvement;
  • helps forgetting about problems;
  • source of entertainment etc.

You can see a detailed article about these benefits here.

With all of these benefits, why won’t you want to read more?

When you first take a book in your hands, you have no idea whether you’re going to like it, or not. You take a risk. And that risk is going to make you feel sorry, or make you feel amazing. After all, you got nothing to lose. Even if you may think you lost your time, if you didn’t like the book, you might’ve learn some new words, or maybe you learned something new about a certain subject, or you learned another thing about you and what you don’t like etc. See? You have nothing to lose.

Another thing about reading a book is that it makes you feel. It might make you feel happiness, or sadness, or anything. The point is, it makes youΒ feel, which is one of the coolest things ever! It develops your personality, you learn certain things about yourself.

Have you ever wanted to go to a place, but you can’t at the moment? If so, have you ever considered grabbing a book that has to do with that place? You can search for a book that tells you everything about that place, or just a book that tells a story that happens in that place. Reading will just make your mind go there. To add more, you can even go to a world that doesn’t exist, meet people that don’t exist, and get to know them. How cool is that?

These are just a few arguments, but I really hope it will motivate you to start your new “reading journey”. I’m sure you will love it!

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